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The ADSD Pom Team was established in 2017.  It began as a cheernastics class and has evolved into a college-style pom team spirit program.  This award-winning team lights up the stage!  They have won numerous overall division awards at Regionals and Nationals, judge's choice awards, and spirit awards. 
This is a walk-on competition team. 
Contact the studio for more information!
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Charli HS 24.png

 Chasey Canfield  

 Isabella Chinchilla  

 Charli Chriestenson  

Adalyn HS 24.png
MyKenna HS 24.png
Kate HS 24.png

 Kate Henslee  

 Adalyn Daffern  

 MyKenna Eady  

Lexi HS 24.png
Katie HS 24.png
Paisley HS 24 (1).png

 Paisley McClure  

 Katie McClure  

 Lexi Martin  

Eisley HS 24.png
Kyleigh HS 24.png

 Eisley Rodriguez  

 Kyleigh Walton  

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