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Please make checks payable to:

Angela Davis School of Dance or ADSD



If paying by cash, please be sure to ask for a receipt. 

There will be no deduction of tuition for lessons which are missed;

however, make-up lessons will be arranged whenever possible. 

There is a locked tuition box outside for drop-offs —

payment must be secured in an envelope with student's name.

Online payments must be made through the customer portal. 


  • There will be a late fee of $15.00 charged when tuition is not paid on time. 

  • A $10.00 charge will be applied to all returned checks.

  • There is a non-refundable registration fee per family due at enrollment.

  • A 15% discount will be deducted for families who pay yearly tuition up front.


Tuition Rates for 2021-2022 are as follows:


Number of Lessons                                               Tuition per Month


Registration Fee                                                     $25.00 per family


Creative Movement                                                $70.00 per month


One Lesson per Week                                             $60.00 per month


Two Lessons per Week                                           $70.00 per month


Three Lessons per Week                                         $80.00 per month


Four Lessons per Week                                           $90.00 per month

"Sparklers" Dance Team                                          $25.00 per month as an add-on


Competition Pom Team                                          $25.00 per month as an add-on OR

                                                                           $75.00 as a single class

Technique                                                            $5.00 per month as an add-on


Private and Solo Lessons                                        Contact ADSD

Recital Fee (Due April 2022)                                     $25.00 per family

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