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Tuition is payable in advance and is due by the 5th of each month

Any other payment arrangement must be made with ADSD beforehand.


  • Please make checks payable to:  Angela Davis School of Dance or ADSD.  Write student’s name in the Memo line. If paying by cash, be sure to ask for a receipt. 


  • There will be no deduction of tuition for lessons which are missed; however, make-up lessons will be arranged whenever possible if the studio must cancel classes.  There is a locked tuition drop box outside for drop-offs—payment must be secured in an envelope with the student’s name. 


  • You may pay online through the customer portal by visiting the studio website at  and clicking “customer portal.”  You can also set up auto-payments to come out of your bank account or card of choice. 


  • A 15% discount will be deducted for families who pay yearly tuition up front.


  • Sibling discount:  $10 off each additional sibling’s tuition fee


  • Loyalty discount:  $10 off for competition team dancers in all dance classes and pom team


  • Tuition (monthly installments) will be due each month, September 2023 – June 2024.


There will be a late fee of $15.00 charged when tuition is not paid on time. 

A $10.00 charge will be applied to all returned checks


  Tuition Rates for 2023 - 2024 are as follows:  


Registration Fee: 

$25.00 per family;

$15.00 if registered by August 12

Recital Fee: 

$25.00 per family

(due April 2024)

Creative Movement: $70/month

Dance Team:


Pom Team:



 $75.00/month as a single class





Private Lessons:

Contact the studio for pricing

Number of Lessons per week / Tuition price per month


1 Class/week:      $60/month                              

2 Classes/week:  $70/month                               

3 Classes/week:  $80/month

4 Classes/week:  $90/month

5 Classes/week:  $100/month

6 Classes/week:  $110/month

7 Classes/week:  $120/month

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